Not too smart of a Wiener Dog – LOL

The breed of short-legged, long-bodied wiener dogs are generally considered quite intelligent. However, here it’s clear that all wiener pups are not equally smart. Maybe, as the dumb wiener dog illustrates they can be moody, or even turn terrified when it comes to breaking open the chains (here soda cans). Although the black puppy seems like making a move to jump off, the zeal to perform the task is really missing. And, surprisingly the pup decides to settle down tamely. In sharp contrast, the smart wiener dog, quite attractive in its silky brown color, doesn’t want to remain caged in any form, which the pup explains by overstepping the make-shift barrier in no time, and more importantly, with absolute ease. It’s, therefore, easy to conclude that not all wieners tend to behave in a shrewd manner, and you can come across the scared ones, too. Maybe, a full-grown wiener can prove a different customer.

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