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VacuumOrangeHow Many Times A Year Should You Have A Professional Clean Your Carpets?

If you have a substantial amount of carpeting in your home, and you have a great deal of traffic as a result of having a small family, or guests that come over on a frequent basis, you should consider using a professional carpet cleaner to keep up with all of the debris and dirt that will be brought in as a result of the high traffic. Here are some tips on how many times you should clean your carpets professionally based upon the activities at your house.

How Does Debris Get In?

You might actually believe that the debris and particulate matter that gets into your carpet is not actually that bad. It’s not until you have a professional come out that can show you how much dirt was removed that you will realize how much you actually traffic in. Every time that your kids come in from playing outside, especially if there’s lots of dirt outside, this can add up very quickly over time. Likewise, if you have people coming in with their shoes on for several months, and there has been bad weather, all of the mud on their shoes to get trapped in the fibers.

How Many Times Should You Use Professional?

You should at least have one professional come out to do a cleaning every six months if you have a high amount of traffic in your home. If it is only you, you can probably get away with once a year. If you have a large family, and you live on a ranch, or an area where it is possible to track in pollen, dirt, and even feces from dogs outside, every six months is the absolute minimum that you should use a professional carpet cleaner to ensure that not only are your carpets cleaned, but that bacteria, mold, and viruses cannot develop.

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