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Cleaning Tile & Grout and doing a thorough enough job of it can be a time-consuming task, not to mention a backbreaking one.  Most Tile & Grout cleaners rely on water pressure or steam to clean hard surfaces, equipment and chemical that most home owners do not have.  At VIC’S CARPET DRY CLEANERS of WEST CHESTER, PA. and surrounding areas, we use the Hydro-Force Truck-Mounted Hot Vapor Water Extraction because it uses a combination of rotary nylon cleaning brush bristles and spray jets to thoroughly clean Tile & Grout.  The spray jets can use heated or unheated water at high pressure while the nylon brush bristles scrub the floor surface.  The vacuum slots then extracts the water, grime, and grit and results in clean, sparkling Tile and brilliant Grout once again!

Why You Should Give Us A Call:

  • A tile surface is not just bright but also free of environment contaminants and allergens
  • A more Hygienic Environment
  • A cleaner and more inviting look
  • Brighter looking grout with improved longevity
  • And a Customer free of aches, pains, and the mess of doing it themselves.

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