Oriental And Area Rug Cleaning of Chester, Delaware, Montgomery & Bucks Counties

At Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers we specialize in cleaning delicate rugs of many fabrics. Chinese, Silk, Persian, Pakistani, Braided, Handmade, Indian, & Wool. At our state of the art cleaning facility, we determine the best cleaning method that suits your rugs needs.

Area Rug Cleaning Chester CountyOur technicians are highly qualified to make sure that during the cleaning process your rug is deep cleaned, rinsed to further remove any soils and residues that are left behind, making sure the colors are revived; restore the nap of the rug with our grooming tools, and then placed in a drying room.

During initial pick up of the area rug, a pre-inspection will be done to determine if any additional cleaning steps are necessary to restore your rug to its best appearance.

If your rug needs repair, for your convenience we also offer repair service, re-fringing, or re-surging, is available.

Our Technician may suggest special treatments to help keep your rugs looking their best, Moth treatments, Deodorization, Scotchgard, and Mold & Mildew preventive.

Area Rug Cleaning Chester CountyOriental rugs can be very durable and last for decades; they can be ruined if they improperly handled during cleaning.  Hand made Oriental rugs use vegetable dyes and during any cleaning the rug technician has to carefully choose the right cleaning solution or the dyes could run, ruining the carpet.

Not every rug cleaning company has the same level of competence and experience then Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners.  Your rug will be in good hands of experts throughout the entire cleaning process.

Don’t be taken by rug cleaning companies that advertise at a .99 Sq Ft.   These prices typically only include the most basic steam cleaning that is reserved for carpeting NOT rugs. While we do offer steam cleaning, it is inferior to large industrial cleaning machines that submerge and bathe your rug in a PH balanced mixture of Organic cleaners.


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