Professional Carpet Repair & Stretching Chester, Delaware, Montgomery & Bucks Counties


Carpet Repair Chester CountyAt Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers, we are able to repair a large variety of problems that can occur in your carpets or rugs.
•Carpet Ripples
•Carpet Buckling
•Burn Holes
•Open Seams
•Padding Replacement
•Spot Dyeing, from color damage
•Water Damage; (carpet re-laying)
•Pet Odor Problems


Carpet Stretching Chester CountyBuckling/ Carpet Ripples-

You may notice waves or small ripples appearing in your carpet immediately following cleaning. The reason for the buckling varies:

• If an installer does not power stretch your carpet or fails to do so properly, buckling is assured.
• Improper carpet padding (too thick) can cause buckling. The absorption of moisture/humidity will cause the carpet latex to expand, resulting in buckling. This will resolve itself, however, as humidity in the room returns to normal and the carpet dries.
• Dragging heavy furniture across wall-to-wall carpeting will pull the carpet off the tact strips, causing waves. Restretching would be advised in this case.

Are you tired of your carpet bunching up at the seams and looking lumpy? Our carpet stretching services are catered to stretching the rug to create a smooth feel and beautiful look once again. It is common for a carpet to bunch, but it is great to know that there is a business out there to provide you with the kind of high quality services you are looking for.

Rugs were designed to lay flat not rippled. Let Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers remove those unsightly ripples with our Bear Claws Power Stretcher. Having ripples in your rug could also cause permanent damage to the carpet as well as a danger to your family and guest if they trip and fall.

For any pet odor problems in West Chester, Malvern, Newtown Square, or any of the surrounding areas please consider the outstanding services we provide. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we always strive to work hard so that our clients are pleased with the outcome. We would be happy to consult with you on our services including carpet stretching and cat urine cleaning. We look forward to doing business together.

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Professional Carpet Repair

Professional Carpet Repair

Professional Carpet Repair
Professional Carpet Repair
Professional Carpet Repair
Professional Carpet Repair

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