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Chester County Pa Carpet CleaningEveryone loves a freshly cleaned carpet, no matter the style, size or texture of your carpet; we will bring life back to your floor covering. Using our unique methods, carpets are treated with non-toxic cleaners that will leave your home smelling great & your floors looking like new!
This is Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers at its finest.

Survey results suggest that over 45% of housing, approximately 44 million homes have carpets with dust mite’s allergen concentration that exceeds the level that has been associated with the development of allergies.

These allergens pose a significant risk & development of Allergies & Asthma. Thanks to our unique organic carpet cleaning process, you can trust Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers to care for the health of your family, and reduce the dust mite allergens in your home.

At Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers we don’t have a 1 size fits all approach to carpet cleaning. Most cleaners only offer simple ineffective cleaning methods, but we offer various carpet cleaning procedures—all of which are completely Green or Organic and safe for people, babies & pets. We recommend the following cleaning styles:


• Basic care; For regular cleaning maintenance, every 6-12 months
• Corrective Care; for carpets that are spotted with traffic patterns and haven’t been cleaned regularly. RX-20 System also used.


• Restoration Care; for carpets that have been neglected & missed several maintenance cycles.
• Specialty Care: Wool, Fine Fabrics, Silk, Pet issues, Color Loss, Re-occurring spots.
• Health Vac System; Immune compromised individuals, Infants, Elderly, Pet Owners, & Chemical sensitive people.
• Dry Cleaning: For older and delicate fabrics

Proper cleaning involves good Professional judgment as well as the use of several different cleaning techniques, which we offer to ensure your satisfaction with the best results.

In order to protect your carpet investment, regular carpet care, carpet stain removal, a good functioning vacuum cleaner, and regular carpet cleaning are required to extend the life of your carpet.


We make it simple; we use organic carpet cleaning solutions that are certified by the carpet & rug institute, Green Seal, & Environment choice. For example many of our approved cleaning solutions contain naturally occurring enzyme / based cleaners, including common table salt, antimicrobial salts, citric acid, & soda ash.

These substances are so safe that many of them are actually found in the foods we eat. Not only are they safe for use around family members of any ages, including pets, but the environmental impact is inconsequential when compared to conventional cleaners.

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