Allergy Solutions from Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers


For those with dust mite allergies, it is important to keep carpets clean to reduce symptoms. Unfortunately, many companies use chemicals in the cleaning process that exacerbate allergy symptoms. This creates quite a problem for those trying to create a safe haven from allergies within their own homes.
Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners and Dyers, serving Wallingford, PA., has created the perfect cleaning system for allergy sufferers. No longer do individuals with allergies have to decide between harsh chemicals and indoor inhalation hazards. Vic’s is committed to getting a home truly clean using natural methods.
Vic’s uses a line of plant-based products called Responsible Care. These products do not promote allergy response and contain no toxins, dyes or perfumes. All ingredients are safe for the environment.
In fact, most of the cleaning solutions used by Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners are made from substances found in foods. These occur naturally and are enzyme based for effective but healthy cleaning.
Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners and Dyers has several cleaning methods that are tailored to the needs of individual homes. The carpet experts use a Hot Vapor or Steam method for basic maintenance cleaning.
For carpets that need restored or have not been cleaned in a long time, the RX-20 Hot Vapor is used. The cleaning experts also use this for specialty fabrics that may be too delicate for other methods.
One unique cleaning method Vic’s uses is the Responsible Care Cleaning System for allergens. It actually changes the allergy proteins, so the body does not recognize them as allergens. This method uses the Allergy Relief Treatment products to virtually do away with allergies within one’s home.
Vic’s methods of cleaning are significant even to those without allergies. Nearly half of all homes have carpets with dust mite concentration that has been known to cause allergies to develop. Clearly, green and natural cleaning methods are important to everyone.
Cleaning carpets is just one of the many services provided by Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers of Wallingford, Pennsylvania. 19086 They also clean tile, grout, air duct, dryer vents and upholstery. The company’s experts can care for carpet needs from sales and install to dying spots and repair.
Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers is the only company that can provide you with ALL your in-home cleaning needs, why have several different companies in your home when you can have just one!
Since 1983, Vic’s Carpet DRY Cleaners of Wallingford, Pa. 19086 have been providing customers with a variety of Green Cleaning services for the home. Carpet & Upholstery / Anti-Allergy Treatments / Tile & Grout / Grout re-coloring / Hardwood Floor Refinishing / Air Duct / Dryer Vents /  Plus Sanitizing / Carpet Stretching & Repair / Air & Water Purification Systems / Pet Stains / Odor Problems / Water & Flood Damage / Mattresses / Drapery / Area Rugs / Fine Orientals / Carpet / Hard Surfaces Sales / All Phases of Tile Installation / Design / Repair / Marble /Slate / Brick /Terracotta / Corian / Stone / Stain Removal / Carpet Spot Dyeing / Wall to Wall Dyeing / 24 Hour Emergency  Floor & Water Restoration and Structual Drying Services.  All of which we use our Plant based Cleaning Products.
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