Carpet Cleaning, Aston, Pa.

Correcting Carpet Problems

Purchasing carpet is much like purchasing a new car. The “new car smell” only lasts for so long, and someone will inevitably spill a drink or scratch the paint. Likewise, no matter how well carpet is cared for, accidents do happen. Fortunately, there is a way to correct many of these problems.
Nothing revives older carpeting quite like a thorough cleaning. Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners and Dyers of Aston, Pa. and Delaware County has perfected a variety of green cleaning methods. Although the company is equipped to handle regular maintenance cleaning, they also specialize in corrective care for carpets that have worn traffic patterns and infrequent cleaning history.
Vic’s uses methods that involve organic cleaning solutions and hot water vapor rather than harsh chemicals. Those that use this company regularly find the life of their carpet is extended.
Some carpet issues cannot be resolved by simple cleaning. Snags or burn holes require patching. If carpeting was not originally installed properly, there may be open seams to correct. Water damage may necessitate re-laying the carpet. Vic’s can do all of these repairs and more.
Over time, spots can accumulate on carpets. This gives them a dirty appearance even if they are regularly cleaned. Unfortunately, many supermarket spot removers actually make a stain worse. Vic’s Carpet  Dry Cleaners & Dyers of Aston, Pa are the experts to identify the spots and apply different chemistry techniques to remove them. They have successfully removed many stubborn stains.
A specialty of Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers of Aston, Pa  is carpet dyeing. When a spot is made by bleach, no amount of scrubbing can remove it. The experts at Vic’s can match the carpet color and dye small or large portions. They are even able to do a full color restoration to save a customer from having to replace the carpet. The carpet dyes set instantly, so customers can walk on them in less than an hour.
With Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners and Dyers, Aston, Pa. residents can restore virtually any carpet to look like new again. In fact, Vic’s can even restore the “new carpet smell” with their excellent odor removal methods. Children’s muddy shoes,

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