The Best Methods For Removing Pet Stains From Your Carpet

I can’t think of a single pet owner that hasn’t had their little kitty, or dog leave them a present at least once on their carpet. Animals might have accidents for a number of reasons. Perhaps he hasn’t been let out enough? Or maybe he’s afraid of the thunder storm? Most likely, he hasn’t been properly trained. While all these are problems, once your dog or cat makes on your carpet, the only thing to do next is to figure out a way to clean it up.
Pet Odor Cleaning West Chester PA
Many people don’t realize how effective adding a carpet cleaning to your vacuuming routine can be for this simple product. For a dog, or cat that has accidents all the time, this might not be enough. A carpet cleaner that’s designed to remove pet stains and odor should be more beneficial then one that isn’t, but sometimes even these fail us.

Was it a white carpet that your little kitty decided to ruin? If so, you might try putting some bleach on it. Bleach is a powerful chemical that won’t only disinfect the carpet, but will also change it back to it’s original color. It’s important to make sure you eventually clean the bleach off the rug so it doesn’t cause any damage to it. Make sure you don’t leave it on for more then a few minutes.

Alcohol happens to be a good tool for those of you with colored carpet. This will make the stain easier to lift, and will kill the germs that it’s bringing into the house. It’s the perfect solution for when we need a color safe fix.

I hope one of these options works well for you. I know many people who’ve suffered from this problem. If it’s really bad, you might consider having it professionally cleaned. In extreme cases, you need to have your carpet replaced.

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