Controlling Allergens In The Home

Dust can trigger asthma, coughing, an allergic reaction and other issues.  Reducing dust is always beneficial.


KingOfPrussiaCarpetCleaningHome Facts

  • Did you know air fans actually can create more dust to come into your home?
  • Air conditioning is better than opening windows because an open window will let dirt in.
  • Use humidifies to help with air.
  • Have carpets deep cleaned on a routine basis.
  • Also have upholstery deep cleaned routinely.  You’d be amazed at how much dirt and dust collect in fibers.
  • Sometimes removing carpet in bedrooms will help if you are having any breathing issues.
  • Use small rugs at entry ways to help with dirt being tracked in and wash these rugs regularly.
  • Vacuum once a week and if you have time vacuum more!  This makes a huge difference in air quality.
  • Get to spills and stains as soon as possible.  This will help in ensuring that nothing is soaked in deeper into the carpet.
  • Don’t ever smoke in your home!
  • Make people take their shoes off at the front door.  This will ensure people are not tracking in unwanted dirt.


  • Mop and vacuum once a day if possible otherwise vacuum as much as possible to get dirt out.
  • Dust your home.  This will help as well.
  • HEPA Filters in vacuums help as well.


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