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Your carpeting is probably the second biggest investment you will make in your home, and taking care of it properly will ensure that is looks great and last for many years to come. Having your carpeting professionally cleaned is healthier for your family, better for your carpet and will save you money in the long run. Here are some benefits to using a professional carpet cleaning company.

Your carpeting acts like a magnet and attracts so many more contaminants that you can see with the naked eye. The fibers of the carpeting attract dust mites, bacteria, mold, soil and debris that can not only damage your carpeting, it is unhealthy for family members to breathe. Store bought cleaning compounds work to remove the surface debris, and many times leave behind sticky residue that actually attracts more contaminants to the carpeting.

Professional carpet cleaners like Vic’s Carpet Cleaning will first identify areas of concern in your carpeting like heavy traffic locations and ground in dirt patches. They use a professional grade cleaning compound that scrubs deep into the fibers of the carpeting to loosen the debris. Once the solution has agitated and loosened all the contaminants, the professional strength vacuums remove the surface debris, cleaning solution and all the contaminants leaving the carpet virtually dry to the touch in a very short period of time.

Family members with allergies or sensitive skin can benefit greatly from having the carpeting cleaned by professionals. Bacteria like mold can thrive in the lower portions of the carpeting because it is dark, warm and moist down there. Store bought cleaning solutions leave tremendous amounts of residue in the carpeting that home vacuums simply are not strong enough to remove. When this residue sits for extended periods of time, it attracts the bacteria like mold, that continues to grow in the ideal climate of the carpet. Pollen and dust mites also can thrive deep down where your vacuum can not reach. A professional carpet cleaning expert uses industrial strength equipment designed to remove all the contaminants quickly and thoroughly from your home.

If those pieces of debris are allowed to stay in the carpet fibers, they act like tiny pieces of sandpaper. They rub and scratch away at the carpet fibers each time a person walks over them. This is the main reason carpeting shows significant wear and tear so quickly. A professional carpet cleaning like Vic’s Carpet Cleaning will remove all the debris from your home making is healthier, cleaner, and requiring less maintenance for years to come.

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