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It’s important to know tips and tricks in keeping carpets last for a long while !

Here is some great tips and tricks from Vic’s Carpet Cleaning in Thornton PA on how to keep those carpets clean, healthy, and looking fantastic.

1) Always remember that padding is very very important. You for sure want around 7/16 of an inch of thickness. Don’t be afraid to use pads under rugs as well and to rotate them. This also helps your own feet out!

2) Ask people to take there shoes off – – And yes this includes you ! Honestly, dirt is horrible on carpet so what you track around outside leave outside and keep the dirt off the carpets.

3) Snack and eat in the kitchen to help prevent stains. We all get clumsy and drop stuff so keep it on the tile.

4) Depending on traffic and the amount of people coming in your home and this includes animals then you want to vacuum anywhere from 1-2 times a week and maybe even more if you have lots of kids and pets.

5) It is said our skin has lots of oil on them so keep those socks on and keep that skin oil off carpets.

There are lots and lots of tips. I also think using a professional carpet cleaning 1-2 times a year to get out that tough dirt and grime out of the home helps immensely. Just remember that the carpet is a huge investment so keep it clean and healthy. Vic’s Carpet Cleaning wants you to have a healthy home environment.

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