I don’t know about you, but the husky totally owned the corgi! When I first got married, my husband and I adopted a Siberian Husky. She was gorgeous, and the best dog we could have hoped for. I don’t think the Corgi knew what he was talking about when he said huskies are only good at making yellow snow! My husky was incredibly intelligent, quick witted, and ready to work. We went through obedience together, and she was top of her pack! I can’t say much for the corgi though, having never owned one. I’m not sure my husband would want to own such a foofy dog anyway! Maybe being able to dress the dog up, and wear a little crown would make the transition easier, but we’ve always been partial to large, powerful breeds. I think overall, what really stands out is the fact that both breeds, regardless of background, size, color, and temperament, and very good rappers.

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