Video Of A Dog Obsessed With His Owner

The video is about a dog who is obsessed with his owner. The owner is attempting to read a schoolbook and the dog cannot take its eyes off the owner and constantly goes up to that owner looking for attention. This video, believe it or not, actually reminds me of a cat I once used to own. His name was salt and his behavior was very much like this dog. My cat always wanted to be around me, to the point where if I would get up and leave my room, he would get up and follow right behind me. At times, whenever he knew where I was headed, he would run ahead of me and wait on me in that location. I used to play games with him where I’d act like I was headed into a room to trick him into running into that room and then I would stop and see how long it took him before he’d poke his head out to see where I was. It usually didn’t take very long!

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