West Chester PA Pet Urine & Odor Removal

Pet Treatment West Chester PAEven carpets installed in homes that do not currently host indoor pets can harbor cat and dog urine odors in their fibers. If you are living in a house where you suspect that the previous owners allowed pets to run rampant indoors to the extent of urinating freely on carpeted areas, you should engage the services of a professional carpet cleaning business rather than trying to fix the problem yourself using over the counter cleaning supplies.

Although you may be tempted to buy supermarket cleaning products designed for pet odor removal, these do little more than temporarily mask the problem. Eventually, use of these products will damage and even destroy carpeting due to build up of perfumes and chemicals. They may also cause allergic reactions in household residents if used frequently and to a significant extent. Worst of all, the smell of pet urine will continue to permeate your indoor living environment.

Professional steam cleaning reaches and removes the source of the urine odor emanating from household carpets the logical way — it removed the urine itself from the carpet fibers. No other cleaning method can effectively reach into carpet fibers to gently lift out dried urine, taking its smell away as well. Masking the source of the odor is about as good as it gets for those using other methods, and that never has an ultimate happy ending.

Urine odors embedded deep within the fibers of household carpeting not only have the power to negatively effect the overall ambiance of your indoor living space, they may also create a situation where more urine is added to the mix. Pets tend to urinate in areas where other pets have gone before. Steam cleaning can remove all traces of signs that other animals have marked specific spaces. So if you feel that you may have these problems lingering in your carpets call the Professionals at Vic’s Carpet DRY Cleaners for a Free estimate you will be happy you did.

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