Just Because It’s GREEN Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Clean

In my 30 years of cleaning carpets, I’ve heard and seen many good and bad things in this industry, but this statement was definitely a fallacy  about GREEN Cleaning.

My company was called upon to stretch and repair 2 rooms of carpet.  Upon entering the home to inspect the problem, I couldn’t help but notice a very light traffic pattern in the hallway and a variety of faint spots.  In the bedroom there was a large circular outlined spot ( mauve in color ) about 1/8 in thick by 18 inches round  that was quite noticeable on a white carpet.  I suggested to the home owner, that since I was here to stretch the carpets would you like me to give you an estimate on cleaning? The customer than stated that she just had them cleaned yesterday by a Green Carpet Cleaning Company.  I  asked her if she was satisfied? she stated yes.  You should of seen how dirty the carpets were!!!!!  They were putting their house on the market and moving out of state.  She proceeded to tell me that the Green Cleaning Technician told her that because you were cleaning Green, we can’t remove all the spots and soils in the carpets.  She accepted the comment and end result.  I asked her what type of system was used; she said a portable walk-behind unit.  I let her know that I use a truck mounted unit and have a variety of techniques that can be used to eliminate the ugly spot that was left behind on her white bedroom carpet and clean up the traffic patterns in her hallway that still had faint spots. I also let her know that we too are a GREEN Cleaning company.  I gave her an estimate and she accepted.  The rest was history, all the spots and traffic lanes were removed and the customer was ecstatic.

It still amazes me what stories customers will accept from the quality of work preformed. I guess what I am trying to say is that the consumer who hires you to do a job, hire you because you are the professional that should know the in’s and out’s of your profession, and how your equipment and chemicals work.  It is unfair to say that just because you are a GREEN cleaning company that it will only clean so well.  It boils down to the technique and the understanding of the green cleaning chemistry that will not only make your investments look almost new again but also knowing that it was cleaned with  an environmentally safe product.

Remember:  Just Because It’s GREEN Doesn’t Mean It Won’t Clean.


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