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Grout is something we tend to ignore when it comes to cleaning. A sealer can be applied to grout which makes it less porous, but it still absorbs a certain amount of dirt and grime. At some point it must be cleaned, and this can be a tedious task if you don’t have the proper equipment for the job.
How Can Dirty Grout Make You Sick?
Grout is a catchall for dirt, grease, and microbes. Over time this build-up of grime not only looks bad, but it starts to smell. It’s at this point that mold and mildew can form releasing harmful particles in the air. You’ll want to have this cleaned long before it gets to this stage.
The Cleaning Process
There are two parts to cleaning grout – removing particles that have penetrated the grout, and using safe chemicals for cleaning. There are several cleaning tools used to dislodge these hard to clean particles. Saturating the floor with an alkaline based cleaner is one popular method. This chemical will lift stains and dirt from the grout in a matter of minutes. Once this part of the process is complete, phase two will be removing the film with the cleaning tool.
The grout cleaning tool consists of hot steam and suction; It’s a pretty simple process. The steam keeps the chemicals active so when vacuuming up the liquid all the grime is removed from the floor. In the cleaning process the chemical has also removed any old sealant that was on the grout. The final step in the cleaning process is to reapply a clear water based sealant.
How Often Should Grout Be Cleaned?
This question can only be answered by usage. Many homes, on average, will only need a good machine cleaning once a year. If you have a restaurant or business with a lot of foot traffic, then the frequency could be as little as once a month.
Recoloring Grout: If your grout is old and dingy, you have the option of having it recolored. It’s amazing how adding color can completely change the look of any room. The process is fairly simple and is more cost effective compared to re-grouting the entire floor. Even if you want to keep the same color as before, recoloring can still be quicker and cost effective.
If your grout has seen better days, consider hiring a quality tile and grout cleaning company to bring life back into your floor – you’ll love the new look.
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