Fall cleanup should include air duct and carpet cleaning

Fall season always brings two things people look forward to: the pretty colors of the leaves and cooler, comfortable temperatures.

And as those temperatures begin to cool off, the windows get closer and closer to eventually being shut for good.

Now think.

All summer long your windows have been open. Pollen, dust, and other air particles have been entering, and sometimes, exiting your home for months. Well when the windows are closed, they’re in there for good. So before those windows stay closed throughout the wintertime, fall is a great time to get a professional air duct cleaning from Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & Dyers.

Changing of the seasons typically brings in allergies. Winter to spring is the blooming season, Spring to summer is pollen, summer to autumn allergies are from the leaves falling. But fall to winter? What makes those allergies? It’s because dust and other contaminates that build up in your ducts and carpets over the summer months when the windows are open and the furnace is unused is creating a perfect breeding ground for mold and other fungi. Then when you turn the furnace on in the late fall, all that build up in the ducts are released through the vents and into your home. That dust and build up doesn’t just go up your nose and into your body, which causes you to sneeze and get sick, it goes into the carpets, the furniture, and every other fabric that holds dust and air particles.

So just as important it is to get professional air duct cleaning during the fall, it’s just as important to get your carpets cleaned.

Actually, after thinking about it, fall brings three things: beautiful foliage, cooler temperatures, and if your air ducts and carpets aren’t cleaned, then the fall season will keep dust and air particles into your home!

If Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, & Bucks Counties in PA, call Vic’s Carpet Dry Cleaners & dyers today, for fall air duct cleaning and complete dry and organic carpet cleaning to give your home a fresh start when cooped up inside during the winter.

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