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All hardwood floors fade or change shades over time.  Like our own skin, wood’s exposure to sunlight may greatly increase this process and cause permanent damage.  Window treatments are recommended to shade your floors from the sun’s harsh rays.

We also recommend rotating area rugs and furniture regularly, allowing wood floors to age evenly from UV exposure.

To avoid permanent marks and scratches, it’s a good idea to cover furniture and table legs with flannel protectors.  Be careful when moving heavy objects across your floor to avoid scuffing.

Now that you have read the above paragraphs on some of the ways to take care of your Hardwood Floors.  Here at VIC’S CARPET DRY CLEANERS & DYERS of Chester County, Pa. and all surrounding areas, were able to help you keep your Hardwoods looking their best.

Along with a hardwood floor comes the responsibility of keeping it clean.  The better care you take, the longer your floor will maintain its original beauty.

Hardwoods Can Last Forever if properly taken care of them, but if and when your hardwood floor begins to look dull it’s time to consider a make over, to help with the minor scratches and dull appearance’s.

At VIC’S CARPET DRY CLEANERS & DYERS, in Chester County, Pa. and surrounding areas, we are able to introduce a DUST FREE way to restore your beautiful hardwood floors and furnishings without the sanding mess.  Our DUST FREE restoration and refinishing process… can refinish your floors to their original luster without the usual mess.  The dust created from sanding can become airborne if not properly filtered out.  With our method the dust never has a chance to become airborne because it is automatically removed from the home.  Therefore, we leave behind a clean environment in addition to beautiful floors.

The added benefits for a homeowner  if someone in the home suffers from allergies or asthma is the DUSTLESS FLOOR SANDING, it’s sensitive to your needs and provides a safe process that will not irritate these types of health problems.

Your newly refinished floors will renew warmth and beauty to your home.

VIC’S CARPET DRY CLEANERS & DYERS, is a highly qualified company that understands your needs and will treat you and your floors with personal care. In addition, we offer a wide range of staining options that can add to any home decor.

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